"If God had intended man to walk, he would have given him four legs.

Instead, he gave him two - one to put on either side of a horse."

El Rancho Criollo - Chambre d'hote

The name El Rancho Criollo was chosen because of the horses. We have Criollo horses, Argentine ranch horses and Mestizo horses. These horses come from South America and the name means as much as "The Ranch of the Criollo".

The old farmstead has been renovated into a small ranch. Around the ranch there is about 20 hectares of pasture. These pastures are bounded by the French Ardennes. From there on you will find about 350 kilometers of bridle path! In wintertime the landscape is covered with snow which gives you an amazing experience on the back of a horse.

For those who do not ride there are plenty of other adventurous outdoor activities to enjoy.

El Rancho Criollo is located just 200 meters from the beginning of the French Ardennes. 70 kilometers from Brussels South/Charleroi airport in Belgium and 350 kilometers from Calais.

El Rancho Criollo can arrange your transport from and to the airport!

Please check the routepage for details.

El Rancho Criollo is open all year!

The accommodation
The accommodation is built in the former barn

All rooms are very comfortable and have a shower, toilet and a double or two box spring beds. 

After the ride, the Saloon is open for a drink and gathering with the other guests to enjoy a good talk and share experiences.

If the weather is fine a cosy camp fire will burn on the plaza.

You can also rent our rooms without a horse riding arrangement. Please contact us for prices. You can read more about the other outdoor activities here.

Bring your own horse?

El Rancho Criollo also has stables available for guests that want to bring their own horse(s).


The host and hostess
Max and Angelina settled themselves in France and are originally from the Netherlands

They have moved to France because of the beautiful nature and freedom to ride and to discover the unspoiled nature of the French Ardennes.

We offer both experienced and unexperienced riders the opportunity to ride in the forest and free nature.

Upon demand we can arrange combined deals

This is for families, companies or groups of whom not everyone enjoys riding. So besides horse-riding we offer a lot of different outdoor activities to enjoy.


The restaurant
A nice meal

We do our utmost to make our guests feel welcome so the food is prepared with great care and knowledge.

We usually serve a three course diner with a culinary touch.

The menu changes with the seasons, so it is always a surprise.

Special diet

If you need a special diet or if you are a vegetarian, just let us know and we will take this into account.

Reserving a room for the night including meals, is also possible. Ask us for more info.


El Rancho Criollo  |  47 Rue de l'oiseau  |  08260 Maubert-Fontaine  |  France  |  T  0033.675.932.725  |  E  info@elranchocriollo.com